Preschool Adventures…

How this story came to be.

The Great Preschool Adventure Series was conceptualised when my 18-month-old son, Bailey, began to give special names to each of his carers at day care. He started to apply words after each carer’s name to describe them and what he enjoyed about them. 

The first being Victoria ‘Bubbles’, who was one of his carers who would blow bubbles from a giant bubble wand each morning when Bailey arrived at day care. Bailey loved the bubbles so much that he no longer cried when I dropped him off each morning. He would just kiss me, wave goodbye and run off to Victoria to try and catch the giant bubbles.

Then came Erin ‘Tickles’, who would always tickle him each afternoon when I came to pick him up. He would squeal with laughter and often talk about Erin Tickles on the weekends and laugh to himself.

This led to the idea of writing magical stories about the amazing adventures and experiences that our children have at preschool.

My strong desire and intention is to grow this book into a Series and beyond…

Thank you for supporting my creative adventure. I sincerely hope that this book creates a magical and memorable moment between every parent, carer and child who reads it.

Love, Lizzie D.